Real Time Monitoring Communication

Wireless Real Time Monitoring

We represent world leaders in the design, manufacture and continuous improvement of wireless condition monitoring technology.

Our precise, durable and robust products have been engineered in direct response to the demands of rail, construction and mining environments. By providing repeatable, high-quality data on the structural and geotechnical condition of assets, we empower our clients to proceed with confidence.

FlatMesh & GeoWAN Platforms

In order to provide clients with remote condition monitoring solutions in the widest range of environments, we offer two distinct communications platforms built for different applications.

FlatMeshâ„¢ is the natural choice for dense sensor configurations, high frequency reporting and intelligent, responsive operation. Our GeoWANâ„¢ platform has a longer range of up to 15 km and is ideal where sensors are more widely dispersed.

Third generation intelligent flexible mesh network monitoring
Long-range point to point wireless platform, ideal for challenging environments; 
capable of “seeing through” solid obstructions
Up to 300 m range (gateway to node or node to node),
 in optimum conditions
Up to 15 km range (gateway to node), in optimum conditions 
and typically 2-4 km in busier urban environments
Battery life of up to 15 yearsBattery life of up to 15 years
a) Best for dense wireless sensor node deployments
b) Standard reporting rate: 10 minutes
a) Standard reporting rate: 1 hour
b) Number of nodes in network will affect speed of reporting rates
Fully remotely configurableRemotely configurable, but more limited bandwidth available
a) Available with intelligent and triggered sampling rates based on  real movement of sensors to minimise human intervention
b) Can function as Intelligent Solution with multiple structural and geotechnical sensor types and integrated 4G cameras
a) No triggered sensing from other nodes in the network
Compatible with full range of geotechnical and 
structural sensors
Compatible with full range of geotechnical and 
structural sensors
Ideal Applications:
a) Tunnels
b) Rail trackbed
c) Bridges, walls, piles, structures
d) Geotechnical earthworks and soil water content measurement
Ideal Applications:
a) Congested urban environments including busy construction sites
b) Long-range applications with sensors dispersed across wide areas, such as mines and quarries
c) Applications where communication is needed through obstructions such asbuildings or the ground such as undergroundstructures
d) Sites where mains power is available