In hilly areas across the world, landslides have been an increasing menace, causing loss of lives and properties. The damages instigated by landslides in the recent past call for attention from authorities for disaster risk reduction measures.

Development of an effective landslide early warning system is an important risk reduction approach by which the authorities and public in general can be presaged about future landslide events. The Indian Himalayas are among the most landslide-prone areas in the world, and attempts have been made to determine the rainfall thresholds for possible occurrence of landslides in the region. The established thresholds prove to be effective in predicting the landslide even.

For a system to be successfully operational, it is obligatory to reduce the number of false alarms using physical monitoring by our expert team who have taken timely action on false alarms. Therefore, to improve the efficiency of the system and to make the thresholds serviceable, the slopes are monitored using our SMART sensor network. Tilt sensors and volumetric water content sensors are used to monitor the active slopes, our SMART integrated sensor technology is most effective solution for land slide monitoring. Our team has installed and commissioned a real time operational system which has increased reliability among stake holders. We can provide consultancy on entire aspect of land slide monitoring through expert Geologist team who have worked through out there life span in Himalayan region.