InfraGuard™ is a sophisticated wireless monitoring solution to help asset owners manage critical infrastructure.

It not only tells you what your assets are doing – it shows you.  Smart tilt sensors respond to movement to give you immediate insight of an event at a remote site.  You will get alerts of small-scale movement which could indicate the early signs of a slope or structural failure, and graded alerts of further movement, backed-up by photographic images.  With a proven track record of detecting potentially disruptive and dangerous events, InfraGuard can be your eyes and ears on site, without needing feet on the ground.

The system is suitable for many monitoring applications including:

  • Sites where there is the possibility of sudden, potentially catastrophic movement
  • Sites that are considered valuable and vulnerable
  • Monitoring slopes such as road and rail cuttings, embankments, levees and mines
  • Sites where early warning of failure such as landslips and rockfall would be needed


  • On-site Computation – data assessment & management is performed in the field without relying on external server analysis.
  • Responsive Alarms – to save power and maintain the autonomy of the system, data uploads normally take place every 15 minutes. However, through the intelligence of the system, if an alert is received by the Gateway, it will immediately connect to the cellular network and upload its data
  • Sensor Triggering – if a sensor detects movement that breaches a threshold it will trigger a sample to be taken on all the sensors within its network. This is crucial for interpreting an alert to understand its validity or potential impact.
  • Camera Triggering – when a camera is deployed it will send images on a pre-set schedule, but will also be triggered automatically by the detection of sudden movement by sensors.
  • Sudden Movement – the ability to not only understand long-term trends and patterns, but to detect sudden movement in near real-time is fundamental to monitoring critical assets. The network intelligence built into FlatMesh™ nodes enables them to trigger a sample if they detect 1°/second of tilt, regardless of their pre-set sampling schedule. This results in a high level of confidence that a sudden event will be detected.
  • Dynamic Sampling/Reporting – when movement is detected, a higher sampling rate is often required to understand the rate of change and to plan appropriate steps. Pre-defined parameters and trigger levels can be programmed, which instruct the system to change sampling and reporting rates according to the degree of movement.