Many types of systems are available for bridge health monitoring. These systems involve a variety of different physical and other processes that have been harnessed to monitor certain bridge characteristics. Due to limited number of measuring points in health monitoring system, the full freedom data of long span bridge can’t be obtained. Therefore, optimize the sensor configuration so as to achieve effective damage identification in overall bridge. There are several types of systems and sensors used, however for the present Extradosed Bridge the following have been recommended. And measuring parameters, respective measuring units, threshold values to be observed and maximum/minimum limits available in BHMS sensors:

Parameters can be monitoring using following sensors and can vary depending on type of bridge being monitored:

  1. Displacement Sensors using Wireless Integrated Nodes.
  2. Triaxial Tilt Sensors for various aspects Structural Tilting Behavior.
  3. GPS/GNSS Integration.
  4. Weather Monitoring.
  5. Accelerometers for different components.
  6. Strain Measurements.
  7. Vertical Deflection.
  8. Weigh In Motion System.
  9. Data Management and Monitoring for SHMS.

And with best team of expert structural engineers and system integration experts we have delivered the solutions for BHMS for your ready view and implementation.