Imaging & Camera Based Monitoring Products


Dual infrared illuminators ensure that the camera is capable of taking clear images at night and in low light conditions. The integration of a solar panel and rechargeable battery ensures that the camera can be deployed at remote locations without mains power supply.

The FlatMesh Camera is a fully integrated product combining a digital camera, 3G modem and FlatMesh network radio node. It provides high-quality and robust visual monitoring capability as an integral part of the FlatMesh network.

  • Can be triggered to take an image via the FlatMesh Web Monitor or by a message initiated by Senceive’s dual-axis tilt sensor nodes and passed over the FlatMesh wireless communications network
  • Dual illuminators for good image quality in low light conditions
  • Choice of lens types i.e. wide or narrow for different site conditions, depending on the length of the site and the positioning of the camera
  • Integrated 3G modem for high speed image upload
  • Fully integrated solar charging circuit connected to internal rechargeable lithium battery pack (no external battery pack)
  • Invisible infrared illuminators for simple and error-free installation. The use of infra-red means there is no visual disturbance for personnel in the vicinity
  • Temperature sensor and battery monitor
  • Weatherproof to IP66