• Real Time Information and Alarming
  • Monitoring Solutions
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Cartography – Forest Maps – Land Use/Cover Classification
  • Integrated Dam Safety Monitoring
  • Digital Reality Solutions
  • SLAM Technology

Welcome to ConSol Geo Technologies.

A knowledge driven Integrated Solutions organization…

We are cross functional and cross platform professionals who have worked in knowledge sales. If challenges are to present your measurements we can connect. If challenge is to see how we can make systems more integrated with flow of measurements. If challenges are on how processes should be aligned so that your department functions more smoothly we are there. We make you more efficient with our enterprise solutions for Land Records, Forest Management, Agriculture, Crime Scene analysis, Public Health Engineering, GIS users, cadastral mapping routines, CORS Net solutions, GNSS quality checks. We create 4d information above and below surface. We capture We process We Analyze and We present intelligent routines. We possess in depth knowledge on how to make real time actionable monitoring successful we can integrate all sensors for your projects…