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Rugged High Accuracy Total Stations with Multistation functionality, Robotic and Manual Total Station. We deliver the most reliable products from our principles ensuring that your job is never compromised. We have in depth geodesy knowledge to support all your projects. With more than 50 man years of experience we are trusted and reliable partners. We can demonstrate and hand hold to your satisfaction on all your requirements connect with us.

The new version of Leica Nova MS60, the world’s first MultiStation, enables you to perform all surveying tasks with one instrument. It brings sensor fusion to the next level by combining:

  • Highest-end total station capabilities
  • 3D laser scanning, enabling you to scan up to 30’000 points per second
  • GNSS connectivity
  • Digital imaging

The MS60 comes with Leica Captivate, an onboard software with easy-to-use apps that cover all your surveying tasks. To make your work even more productive, you can benefit from the MS60’s  Dynamic Lock feature as well as the newly added, revolutionary setup assistant feature, AutoHeight – which helps you setup even faster and more accurately with the simple press of a button.

When to use the Leica Nova MS60:

  • Surfaces and volumes in construction and mining: spoil heaps and stock piles, DTM creation and checking surfaces, material thickness, blast faces and ground levels
  • Analysis of complex structures and objects within plant, marine and utility projects: dimensional control, as-built and record keeping
  • Measuring buildings and structures: bridge condition/clearance analysis, BIM and as-built
  • Façade, elevations and heritage work: creation of traditional façade deliverables, 3D models and photographic documentation
  • Traditional topographic surveys for surveying and mapping: creation of traditional deliverables like 2D maps or 3D models
  • Monitoring measurement and analysis of ground and structures: real-time or periodic measurement of bridges, dams, buildings and earth, ice and snow


A Robotic Total Station is not just about motors driving the instrument. There is far more value in the technology we can create a differentiation pattern towards robotic technology and not just sell motors.

Made to face any challenge, task or project, the new Leica TS16/TS60 automated total station will reliably support you and deliver accurate data when and where you need it. With the engaging Leica Captivate field software, paired with the self-learning ATRplus for automatic target recognition under any environmental circumstance, the TS16/TS60 can tackle every task with ease.

When to use the Leica TS16/TS60:

  • Best-in-class automated total station for the widest variety of measurement tasks and applications: including one-person or two-person instrument operation for surveying and stakeout.
  • Topographic surveying to create digital reality for mapping: control point measurements, adjustments, computations, and data collection with powerful coding and line work routines.
  • Highest efficiency and productivity for stakeout and construction measurements: stakeout design data, as-built checks, BIM and clearance checks.
  • Site preparation and machine guidance in heavy construction projects: site control, surveying, layout of design data, as-built checks, machine guidance, and road, rail and tunnel-focused workflows.
  • Quick and reliable monitoring of locations, buildings, and objects in real-time in any environment: perfect for campaign monitoring and scaling up to an automated monitoring solution.

AutoHeight is a new feature of the TS16/TS60 that helps you get your instrument height with a simple press of a button. This way you can reduce human error, forget about using a tape and always trust the instrument height you measured. Focus on your work and be done with the setup of your total station in the blink of an eye.

In order to always know where your instruments are in the field, you might consider adding LOC8. It not only doubles up as an excellent tracking and fleet management tool; it is also an excellent theft deterrence solution. LOC8 gives you the ability to remotely lock and unlock total stations with just a click of a button through your app or web account.

Leica TS16 comes optionally with DynamicLock – you can move and focus on your work and safety without having to stand and wait for the instrument to lock onto the target: