24/7 Real-Time Monitoring System using Automatic Total Station

Automated monitoring systems have become a norm in the construction and structural industries. When safety of life and high reaction times are required after movement has been detected, an automated monitoring system is required. They allow for the continuous measurement and analysis of geodetic (e.g., total stations) sensor data. Instruments are semi-permanently installed on site (e.g., concrete pillar in housing for total station mount connected to permanent infrastructure) to reduce returns to site and ability to collect data seamlessly. To ensure owners and contractors can react to sudden movements, data is collected at a high frequency (e.g., every minute or once per day).

Geo Monitoring

A software pack to calculate and adjust topographic data, monitor
instruments and visualise results.
It offers full control of all processes, options and parameters allowing
calculation steps configuration and instrument monitoring. It
provides direct access to all information and a fast, customised
display screen.

Geo Monitoring provides a modular software pack offering the most suitable tech-
nical and economical solution either as a license purchase or rented.


  • Complete control of processes.
  • Clear and intuitive graphical
  • Modular.
  • Stand-alone.
  • Customised work screens.
  • Designed to be used in difficult
    working conditions.
  • Users only have to place total
  • Guaranteed planned measurements
  • Automatic or manual adjustment is
  • Automatic or manual database