About Us

ConSol Geo Technologies Private Limited is an Enterprise Consultancy, Solution and Services organization. The company is specialized in Engineering solution for Manufacturing Processes, Stream lining bench mark models for layouts, carrying out system integration projects relating to: the environment; natural ecosystem management; climate change; structural safety, FEA models. Providing End to End solutions to Govt Organizations for effective management of there Geo-Spatial data and in field challenges faced by organizations. We have been doing this for past 20 years during our Professional Services. We have a key initiative in emerging Technologies and thus focus on bringing the latest trends to the disposal of our clients.

Founded in 2018, with its headquarters in India, we have been supported by several specialized scientists and engineers. Key fields of expertise include: forest management; cadastral data management, engineering consultancy design for railway and metro electrification, Real Time monitoring of structural safety, landslides, deformation monitoring and environmental impact assessment; greenhouse gas emissions/removals inventory relating to land use, land-use change and forestry sector, structural safety, forensic digital documentation; mapping of ecosystems, natural resources and land uses; creation of forest, land records maps and demarcation. Geodetic Products and Geo-Spatial Software sales. Technology experts for terrestrial and satellite Geodesy for sales and engineering support for Zero Order GNSS Networks, Network CORS Infrastructure, Engineering ETS for Tunnels, Railways and high accuracy reporting and field verification. Manage engineering projects with our knowledge work force.